Episode No: 64

Title: Technology


The famous "touch the red or green square" episode! Interactive television at its finest.

Production: Silicon Chip


  • Apparently, Eugene did not like getting slimed or pied. He greatly frowns during getting slimed at the beginning of this episode. Also, if you run the tape in slow-mo right before he gets pied in the middle of the episode, it reveals he has the same horrible frown on the split-second before the pie hits him.

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Original Air Date: unknown

US Air Date: July 19, 1984

Starring: Eugene Contreras, Abby Hagyard, Vanessa Lindores, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Luke McKeehan, Lisa Ruddy

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price, Bill Morrison

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Green Slime: Eugene Contreras, Vanessa Lindores
Water: Vanessa Lindores, Christine McGlade (2)
Pie: Eugene Contreras