The 1986 cast of You Can't Do That On Television

Although there is a small number of cast members that have become synonymous with You Can't Do That On Television during its eleven-year run, the fact of the matter is there have been more than one hundred actors and actresses that have graced the show's set. Some were on for years, and others appeared in only one episode, but regardless of how long they were in front of the camera, all of them are part of the show's illustrious history.

The names on the right make up the list of every cast member ever featured on You Can't Do that On Television. Click on the linked names to get more information about each specific cast member. Some of the names have very little information associated with them, but we are continuously working on updating this section. Although we are using cast pictures from the show, we are also interested in obtaining updated pictures on these guys and gals, so if any of you have any inside information to share, contact us.