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The Slime Society was formed in January of 1995 by a then college kid at the University of Missouri, Ric de Barros, with the goal of having a traditional You Can't Do That On Television (YCDTOTV) fan club, complete with newsletters, stickers, videos and the like. After receiving the blessings from the show's creator, Roger Price, and the station that owns YCDTOTV's production and distribution rights, CJOH-TV, Ric brought The Slime Society online.

Being new to the world of fandom, Ric sought help on how to reach fans from T. C. Kirkham, the president of a now defunct American branch of The Tomorrow People fan club (another show by Roger Price). With Kirkham's guidance, Ric got the word out, and by March of 1995, the site began to receive its' first stream of steady visitors - of them were Tom Hendricks and Rob Homa, who eventually met up with Ric regularly in IRC chat sessions. Together, the three of them had a wealth of knowledge regarding the odds and ends of the show, so Ric invited them to assist in creating the fan club and building content for the site.

The summer of 1995 brought along Peter Butler, a native Canadian, who became the resident 1989 and 1990 guru of YCDTOTV (as Tom, Rob, and Ric were of the "old-school"). Peter also brought to the table that there was a YCDTOTV spin-off called Whatever Turns You On, which aired in the YCDTOTV rotation on Canada's YTV. It was also during this time that the Slime Society's focus shifted to solidifying the show's online presence vs. developing a full-fledged fan club.

Also in the summer of 1995, Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" was in heavy rotation and the fact that she had been on YCDTOTV was no longer a secret. It was during this time that the site was averaging 1,000+ unique visitors per month (which was quite a feat for 1995), so the Slime Society developed a spin-off site called The Alanis Web, which was Morissette's first web presence even before Maverick Records had developed a site for her. It chronicled her career as Canada's pop princess in the early 90's to her newly found international success with Jagged Little Pill. Later in 1995, CJOH gave the YCDTOTV website an official status and for a while provided a direct link to it on their web presence.

In 1999, The Slime Society welcomed Chris Gough to the mix. That year, the Slime Society also reached one of its goals by obtaining its own domain at and also received its first face lift since 1995. Shortly after the redesign of, Charles Hodges and Allison Cohen also came aboard with even more valuable information about the show.

In the year 2000, The Slime Society reunited members of the cast for the first reunion since the show ended at the house of Carole Hay, the show's Stage Coach.

In the summer of 2003, Will Dyess and Mark Brumfield entered the scene and helped give the site even more information about Whatever Turns You On, as well as information on all the seasons of YCDTOTV, interviews and other nuggets of information.

2005 brought the 10-year-anniversary of the YCDTOTV website. In honor of the milestone, the site was optimized for 800x600 screens (remember those?), and more content was presented to the public, including more original videos and a more robust message board where fans still regularly exchange information about the site and show.

In 2009, for You Can't Do That On Television's 30th Anniversary, had its first complete overhaul and redesign in ten years.

The Slime Society welcomed David Dillehunt, long-time friend of the site and director of the award-winning documentary, You Can’t Do That On Film in 2012.

Did you know?

  • The YCDTOTV website had a total of three homes before acquiring, but we still managed over 1,000,000 visitors before obtaining our own domain name.
  • is visited regularly by cast and crew members.
  • The Alanis Web was so popular that by 1996, it was translated into Portuguese as Sou da Alanis.
  • The Slime Society has had more members come and go than Destiny's Child.

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