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"Project 131"

Project 131 will go down in YCDTOTV lore as one last production inside Studio D at CJOH-TV in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The reunion production featured some original YCDTOTV set pieces, along with virtual sets that helped create sets of seasons past -- thanks to the help of a chroma-key green screen. The majority of the project was filmed on July 13, 2004 -- just prior to SlimeCon 2004.


Project 131 was a You Can't Do That On Television reunion episode. Filmed at CJOH-TV in Ottawa, Canada, Project 131 features five of the original cast members in the first new episode in more than 14 years! Premiering to an eager audience on Sunday, July 18 in Ottawa, Project 131 included rarely-seen bloopers, 1979 footage, scenes from the banned Adoption episode, new scenes and much more!
You Can't Do That On Television never had an official "series finale." Project 131 provided some closure to one of the most popular children's programs in television history, and was the final production ever made in Studio D at CJOH -TV.


Project 131 follows three returning cast members -- Vanessa Lindores, Marjorie Silcoff and Brodie Osome -- as they fulfill the wishes of producers and produce one final episode before finally being let go.

As the plot goes, YCDTOTV was still being produced, yet it was so bad that no network would air it. Ross has retired, leaving the "kids" to direct themselves. Barth opened a fine dining establishment and left it for Brodie to manage, while he returned to his diner ... yet food is still served from unknown sources. The library was to be torn down to make way for a new mini-mall, but, while cleaning up the place in hopes of preventing demolition, Brodie gets slimed and Marjorie gets watered. Les Lye's grandson, Josh Dunn, begins his announcing career -- only to have it end as a result of the series finale. The three hosts leave the studio one last time, and Vanessa turns out the lights, while cast members Alasdair Gillis and Justin Cammy are upset that they weren't included in the new episode ... even though they were.