Episode No: 6

Title: Episode Six


After viewing the show's high ratings, Mr. Dime is visited by Producer "Roger Sole" - also played by Les. Rodney plays his production assistant, "Percy Heel." R. Sole wants to make a network show with Kevin and some of the other kids, after he had "some idiot from England who used to produce the show" deported. Kevin Somers complains about Jono on the roving camera. He is then grabbed by the street, holding a sign reading "Kids Stuff," after he was turned away by security.

There is a contest involving the RCMP. R. Sole wants the Ottawa-based names off the end credits scroll and keeps telling Percy to shut up, even though he's not saying anything. Facing the wrath of Jono's ego, both Kevin's choose to work together as "soul brothers" until R. Sole requests "Kevin" and Jono invites him back as a friend. The spaghetti eating contest concludes, as does the photography contest.

Jono gets relegated to washing the floors when R. Sole requests the "right" Kevin - Kevin Schenk - to be the French star of "The René Sitard Show." Ross describes Sitard as having ten records in the Canadian Top 40, using a "57-year-old Grandmother who sounds exactly like a 12-year-old boy." The cast members model the Flash Cadillac custom attire, and share the show's Nielsen ratings.

Production: Seal in Hole


  • Contest prizes include: a day with the RCMP, two albums (for a potential viewer in West Carthage, NY), five albums
  • "René Sitard" is a parody of Quebec pop star, René Simard.
  • During the closing credits, the announcer says "The René Sitard Show was broadcast dead from Toronto."
  • Memorable line in the classroom - Kevin Schenk says "This show isn't live…it's dying on its feet."
  • Crazy closing credit: "and thanks to all the Ottawa names not mentioned - it wasn't R. SOLE we had technical problems"
  • Christine reads the closing line, "This has been a seal in hole production."

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Original Air Date: March 10, 1979

US Air Date: unaired

Starring: Jonothan Gebert, Rodney Helal, Jim Johnson, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kevin Schenk, Kevin Somers

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Water: Jonothan Gebert, Kevin Somers
Pie: Jonothan Gebert, Kevin Schenk (2), Kevin Somers
Coffee: Jonothan Gebert
Champagne: Kevin Schenk


  • Paul Jabara - "Disco Queen"
  • Peter Frampton - "Signed Sealed Delivered (I'm Yours)"
  • The O-Jays - "Use Ta Be My Girl"