Episode No: 4

Title: Episode Four


In the cold open, Cyndi tells Bryn over the phone that Mr. Dime is all tied up, as the camera shows Les literally all tied up. Still handcuffed from the previous week, Jono welcomes the new cast members and starts an ego trip (with Kevin Somers gone). Jono pays Ross $30 to keep him out of a dress - $30 in Canadian Tire money. Another set of opposites are shown, after getting viewer submissions weeks prior. A disco dance is performed to King Tut by Steve Martin and the Toot Uncommons, and there is a remote segment from the Skateway Roller Disco. Astronomer Ken Tapping discusses eclipses, and how you can safely view an eclipse without looking toward the sun. Jono gains a ball and chain halfway through the show.

More locker jokes and Les runs on to tell Jono that he could cut a new key for his ball and chain - for the right price. The gang asks other kids about the infamous "brush-ins" and they give Ian a hard time for not know what it is, joking that it's because he's from Winnipeg. There is a reminder of the photography contest. Christine describes their producer Roger as a guy with shoulders to his ears and a sloped forehead, with Cyndi acting out why. Jono dances ballet in a green ballet outfit while cuffed to the link set bars, and Christine tells him she saw Kevin Somers give Ross $20 and a tutu earlier.

Jono reminds viewers about the spaghetti eating contest while eating a plate of spaghetti, still handcuffed. More "Moose" calling, a segment featuring skaters at the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club, and Jono finally gets out of the handcuffs as the rest of the cast gets tangled together. In the end, Ross offers the cast and crew their pay - in peanuts.

Production: "This show was brought to you for peanuts."


  • Christine is credited as "Christine-Moose-McGlade" during the closing credits
  • Contest prizes include: Panasonic AM/FM radio, five albums, 10 Welder's shades (to safely look at an eclipse), skateboard and accessories
  • During the locker jokes scene, Les is wearing a headset and a different shirt than Ross. He's also referred to as Les.
  • They scroll "Pierre Elliot Trudea, 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario" during a disco dancing segment, with the prize of two free albums
  • There are no callers during the phone-in contest that asks who's on the front of the $100 bill
  • An on-screen title during the King Tut segment reads "You Can't Do That on Television...that's what they keep telling us."

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Original Air Date: February 24, 1979

US Air Date: unaired

Starring: Todd Brewer, Iain Fingler, Jonothan Gebert, Jim Johnson, Cyndi Kennedy, Les Lye, Robin Marpack, Christine McGlade, Kevin Schenk, Gordon Smith

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Pie: Christine McGlade (2)
Porridge: Kevin Schenk


  • Eddie Money - "Two Tickets to Paradise"
  • Johnny Rivers - "Slow Dancin' (Swayin' to the Music)"
  • Atlanta Rhythm Section - "Imaginary Lover"