Episode No: 39

Title: The Not-So-Fair Show


The gang takes a look a what's fair and unfair in the world of 1982, and the Unfairy Godmother makes special appearances to make everyone's life even worse.

Production: Fair


  • In the Dungeon, the chain accidentally comes away from the wall. Alasdair looks around and says, "Oh!," though it is left in.
  • This is one of the few episodes that had two different consistencies of slime in one episode.
  • The famous slime scene at the end with Lisa, Forest, Natalie, and Alasdair was cut mid-stream in the YTV broadcast.

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Original Air Date: unknown

US Air Date: November 12, 1982

Starring: Alasdair Gillis, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Forest Wolf Mohawk, Natalie Radmore, Lisa Ruddy, Klea Scott (uncredited)

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price, Rick Jones, Derek Diorio, Dan Lalonde

Director: Brian Lebold


Green Slime: Alasdair Gillis, Forest Wolf Mohawk, Natalie Radmore, Lisa Ruddy
Blue Slime: Christine McGlade
Water: Alasdair Gillis, Christine McGlade (3)