Episode No: 21

Title: Sexual Equality


As Moose is doing the intro, Lisa, Kevin, Brodie and Rodney claim that her job is too easy and they want a chance to host. Rodney finds out the hard way what it's like to host when he gets covered in cream pies, and Brodie learns what happens to Moose every week doesn't only apply to her. Meanwhile, Moose realizes that things are still not fair, as Brodie can say "I don't Know" all he wants, but she gets slimed more than her share. Of course, Brodie doesn't have to say the magic words to get the green stuff dumped on him.

Production: Equal Opportunity


  • The syndicated version has a scene at the end of the episode where Brodie is slimed by Christine which differs from the version originally aired by CJOH. Does that mean we have to count Brodie as having been slimed twice?

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Sexual Equality - You Can't Do That On Television, Vol. 1

Original Air Date: March 07, 1981

US Air Date: February 10, 1982

Starring: Rodney Helal, Kevin Kubusheskie, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Brodie Osome, Lisa Ruddy

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price, the crew

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Green Slime: Christine McGlade (3), Brodie Osome
Water: Brodie Osome (2)
Pie: Rodney Helal (3), Christine McGlade, Brodie Osome, Lisa Ruddy (4)


  • Michael Jackson - "Rock With You"
  • 20/20 - "Tell Me Why"
  • Jesse Ray - "Desire"