Episode No: 103

Title: Luck


It's all about rabbit's feet and horseshoes as the gang rely on their charms for luck.

Production: Lucky Break


  • Vanessa is slimed at the end of this episode as she is wearing her large, circular-lens glasses. Soon after, a Nick commercial for YCDTOTV was shot with Adam Reid in a tux. It was a take-off on Siskel And Ebert. Reid reviewed "great slimings in history." This particular sliming he called "The Frog" (due to the green color and Vanessa's large circular lens glasses).

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Original Air Date: unknown

US Air Date: January 01, 1987

Starring: Matthew Godfrey, Abby Hagyard, Vanessa Lindores, Les Lye, Jody Morris, Doug Ptolemy, Adam Reid

Writers: Roger Price, Josh Morris

Director: Brenda Mason


Green Slime: Vanessa Lindores, Doug Ptolemy
Water: Les Lye, Adam Reid
Toilet Water: Matthew Godfrey
Gelatin: Vanessa Lindores