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Ever wonder what green slime was made of? Well, you came to the right place! Listed below are a number of ways you can concoct a batch of the green stuff, including several official versions from YCDTOTV. If you have any recipes to share, contact us.


INGREDIENTS: water, jello powder, flour, baby shampoo

DIRECTIONS: Mix `em up and chill slightly.


INGREDIENTS: cream of wheat, cold water, shampoo, green coloring

DIRECTIONS: Mix `em up!


INGREDIENTS: cream of wheat, cold water, shampoo, green coloring, liquid latex

DIRECTIONS: Mix 'em up! (just don't put too much latex)

SLIME #4 (from Double Dare's "Slime Canal")

INGREDIENTS: clear corn syrup, water, green coloring

DIRECTIONS: Mix water and syrup. Add coloring and dive in!

SLIME #5 (from Nickelodeon Studios circa 1992)

INGREDIENTS: apple sauce, green coloring

DIRECTIONS: Mix 'em up!


INGREDIENTS: vanilla pudding mix, milk, clear syrup, green coloring

DIRECTIONS: Follow the pudding instructions, but lightly over saturate it with milk. Add syrup and coloring.


INGREDIENTS: cottage cheese, Milk, green coloring

DIRECTIONS: Mix these babies up, and dump it all over yourself!


INGREDIENTS: chilled green jello, green jello mix, water

DIRECTIONS: With chilled jello already made, follow the regular jello instructions, and set it out at room temperature until slightly thick. Mix jellos and add (optional) water.

SLIME #9 (from Muppet Magazine)

INGREDIENTS: oats, water, green coloring, baby shampoo

DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients, but add shampoo last and carefully to avoid suds.


INGREDIENTS: cooked oats, cold milk (or water), flour, green coloring

DIRECTIONS: Cook a bunch of oats and add COLD milk and/or water. Add flour, but do not make mixture too thick. Add green food coloring.

SLIME #11 (from Jim Schreyer)

INGREDIENTS: oatmeal (dry), water, green coloring

DIRECTIONS: Put oatmeal powder in bowl. Add water to oatmeal (make sure not it's not too over saturated). Mix them together until a fine mixture is made. Add Green Food Coloring and mix.


INGREDIENTS: vanilla ice-cream, green coloring

DIRECTIONS: Put ice cream in electric blender run blender until ice cream is nice and gloppy add coloring until a nice icky shade is reached dump it all over.

SLIME #13 (from Chase Erwin)

INGREDIENTS: Two cups all-purpose flour, two cups water, 1/2 package of jello powder, quart-size Ziploc bag or a bucket

DIRECTIONS: Mix one cup of flour to one cup of water and shake in bag or stir in bucket. Add jello powder and remaining flour/water and shake/stir. This makes a rather thick slime, so you can add water to make it to your consistency.

SLIME #14 (from Josh Yawn)

INGREDIENTS: Two parts Quaker Oats oatmeal, one part vanilla pudding, one part apple sauce, four parts water, one-half part baby shampoo

DIRECTIONS: Mix the oatmeal and water together first, then add the vanilla pudding, then the apple sauce. Add more water if necessary and mix together. Add desired amount of green food coloring. Finally, gently mix the baby shampoo to avoid suds. Then... it's SLIME TIME!

SLIME #15 (from Vork Carpazian)

INGREDIENTS: Applesauce, Creamed Corn, Food Coloring, Water

DIRECTIONS: Put applesauce in a container and then pour creamed corn over top of it. Take just a bit of water and put food coloring in that, and pour it in the slime. Mix extremely well, making very sure that the coloring reaches the bottom and it is thoroughly colored. Then enjoy! - The Official You Can't Do That On Television Source

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