Episode No: 9

Title: Episode Nine


When Mr. Dime emerges from the executive washroom covered in green slime, he knows the kids have been using it, as opposed to the staff privvy washroom - which doesn't really appear to be the kind of place you want to go to the bathroom in. Mr. Dime decides to get the lock changed. The kids come on to the set and find the leftovers from a party the "network people" held the previous night: champagne bottles, caviar, and $20 bills are scattered all over the link set. The kids collect the bills and clean up the set. Seth Pool is called upon to change the lock on the executive washroom, and he (unknowingly) steals all the toilet paper. This causes problems for Mr. Dime, who just ate several bran muffins.

Back on the link set, Mike, Iain and Jim mess with a lighting machine they found (also left by the network people) and cause a power failure. When Ross comes over to investigate, Iain lets out something about the $20 bills and Ross quickly takes the money from the kids, claiming it is prop money, even though Christine knows better. Mr. Dime ends up using fifteen $20 bills as toilet paper.

Christine and Sarah talk about how nothing ever happens to Mike, and they plot together to pie him. Jim and Mike talk about how nothing happens to Sarah, and they plot together to pie her. Sarah and Christine test their strategy by pieing Iain. Mike and Jim test their strategy by pieing Iain.

The cast realizes they just gave hundreds of dollars worth of $20 bills to Ross. Sarah and Christine want to slime Mike, and test their strategy by sliming Iain ("What's the Capital of Canada?" "Ottawa." "How many members of Parliament?" "264." "How many gold fish do they have?" "I don't know.") Mike and Jim want to slime Sarah, and test their strategy by trying to slime Iain, but Sarah comes over to help. But when Iain does say, "I don't know," he runs, leaving Sarah and Mike on the spot where he said "I don't know," and they recieve his green, messy prize.

Contest givaways include two models, a pair of jeans, and a Panasonic radio. The prizes are awarded to the winners of the Snow Goose art contest. Cartoonist Jim Unger (of Herman fame) appears on the show and announces a contest connected to his drawings. Leisure World (a local hobby store) also holds a model-building contest. After being locked out of the executive washroom for most of the episode, Mr. Dime gets locked in.

Christine shows a clip of Geoffery Darby, the director of the show, getting a surprise pie-in-the-face from the Whatever Turns You On pilot tapings.

Production: Staff Privvy Executive Washrooms


  • This episode was inspired when the locks at CJOH were (seemingly) randomly changed at one point, so director Geoffrey Darby and producer Roger Price made fun of them with this episode.
  • The scenes about Mr. Dime using money as toilet paper caused some level of controversy, with employees of CJOH-TV and parents who actually saw the show. Elizabeth Mitchell has said that she got into some hot water with her parents due to this episode, even though she wasn't even on it.
  • In the final scene, where they show Geoffery Darby being pied, you can also see Ruth Buzzi with slime and pie on her costume. As you probably already know, Buzzi was a star of Whatever Turns You On, and the slime and pie comes from a scene that was shot for the pilot, but was cut out when the program finally aired.
  • Billy Joel's Say Goodbye To Hollywood music video was also played on Episode Two.

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Original Air Date: April 07, 1979

US Air Date: unaired

Starring: Iain Fingler, Jim Johnson, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Mike Patton, Jim Stechyson, Sarah West

Cameos: Ruth Buzzi, Geoffrey Darby

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Green Slime: Iain Fingler, Mike Patton, Jim Stechyson, Sarah West
Pie: Iain Fingler (4), Geoffrey Darby
Raw Sewage: Les Lye
Soup: Mike Patton
Wall Paper Glue: Jim Stechyson


  • Billy Joel - "Say Goodbye To Hollywood"
  • Yvonne Elliman - "Hello, Stranger"
  • Love and Kisses "Thank God It's Friday"