Episode No: 8

Title: Episode Eight


The gang can't get into the studio to make the show, since the "Network show" is occupying the space, so Christine hosts the show "backstage" in front of the doors to Studio D. Kevin Somers insults the "little local show" so Christine pies him. Roger's daughter and Bryn's son walk on, interrupting Christine's link, and she tricks them into getting slimed and pied. The infamous "Weather" scene with Les and Jono is replayed.

Christine sneaks into Studio D and talks with Ruth Buzzi about WYTO, mentioning the similarities to "Laugh-In" before showing a WTYO classroom scene and one of the Trooper songs. During the classroom scene, Ruth spanks Rodney. Christine asks if that hurts and Ruth proceeds to spank her.

Ross is fired from the Network show for standing in front of the fourth camera. He pays Christine $20 to be re-hired on YCDTOTV. The flamboyant wardrobe guy Frederick stops by. Everyone is ultimately kicked out of the studio by the Director, and Ross tosses a bomb inside.

Production: Backstage


  • Contest prizes include: five albums, passes to Skateway, a tennis racquet and three tennis balls, clock radio
  • An on-screen title reads: "Health & Welfare Canada warns that this program may be hazardous to your health."
  • Closing credit: "Happy Birthday Geoffrey Darby"
  • Hodgkins gets his name in this episode.

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Original Air Date: March 31, 1979

US Air Date: unaired

Starring: Marc Baillon, Jonothan Gebert, Rodney Helal, Jim Johnson, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kevin Schenk, Kevin Somers

Guest Star:

Cameos: Roger's Daughter, Bryn's Son

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Green Slime: Roger's Daughter, Bryn's Son
Water: Jonothan Gebert (3), Les Lye (3)
Pie: Jonothan Gebert, Kevin Somers (2), Roger's Daughter, Bryn's Son


  • Atlanta Rhythm Section - "I'm Not Gonna Let it Bother Me Tonight"
  • Trooper - "Round Round We Go"
  • Kiss - "Hard Luck Woman"


  • After the closing credits, Les has a late cue before beginning the last scene.