Episode No: 7

Title: Episode Seven


Just as Mr Dime introduces the episode, the Deputy Assistant Vice President of Engineering (probably Seth Pool, but that's not what he calls himself) comes in and triumphantly tells him that he's stopped "that children's program [he] hate[s] so much" from airing by pulling the studio plug...literally. Meanwhile, in the studio, Ross lets all the kids go out and play in the snow when he thinks the show's been cancelled for the day. Mr. Dime comes and plugs in the studio plug, and Ross gathers the kids back in the studio (with a bullwhip!). Bradfield and Ross keep tricking Lisa into getting slimed, after Lisa keeps attempting to get Bradfield slimed, by asking "What's the largest lake in Canada? (the Great Bear Lake), and How many fish are in it?".

When Jim's new watch breaks, Ross sells him one for sixty dollars, with a written guarantee - for two years or until the watch stops. This episode has what is, perhaps, the strangest slime scene (as well as a record for the most slime in a single episode), with Ross getting slimed through his headset.

The contest prizes include two albums, a scout kit, a Panasonic radio, a day with the Mounties, a green, Irish hat, a wooden Irish golf club and a gift ceritificate for a local restaraunt. This episode featured the finals of the disco dancing contest with three contestants. The winner[s] received custom made outfits from Flash Cadillac. Also, in this episode, they give away the date with Sarah West (again) because the last person who won hung up before he was given the needed info.

Production: Green Slime


  • The guy that gives Mr Dime directions is the show's director, Geoffery Darby.
  • This was the first episode to have "I don't know" trigger the slime.
  • The footage of The Commodores performing Too Hot Ta Trot in this episode is actually from a 1978 movie titled Thank God It's Friday, which was about a night in the life of an L.A. disco (the film was more inspired by American Graffiti than Saturday Night Fever, which some might compare it to). For the show, the footage was edited to remove dialogue from the movie, creating holes in some sections. The holes were fixed by clever editors, who took footage from reprises not shown in this episode, and put them in to fix holes throughout. Still, much of the cast of the film can be seen in the version played on this episode (in the movie, the scene was a dance contest).
  • Cast member Elizabeth Mitchell has said that this was her favorite episode.

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Original Air Date: March 17, 1979

US Air Date: unaired

Starring: David Halpin, Jim Johnson, Cyndi Kennedy, Les Lye, Lisa Ruddy, Jim Stechyson, Bradfield Wiltse

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Green Slime: David Halpin, Jim Johnson, Les Lye, Lisa Ruddy (6), Jim Stechyson, Bradfield Wiltse
Water: David Halpin
Pie: Lisa Ruddy (2), Jim Stechyson (2), Bradfield Wiltse (2)


  • Kenny Loggins - "Whenever I Call You Friend"
  • Eddie Money - "Baby Hold On"
  • The Commodores - "Too Hot Ta Trot"


  • During the first phone-in contest, Jim talks about the prizes, and when he gets to the hat, he puts it on his head. When he takes it off, he remembers, "Oh, That's RIGHT! There WAS something inside!", when he notices the gift certificate inside the hat.
  • During Jim's slime scene, Nasti hits himself with the whip.