Episode No: 5

Title: Episode Five


In the cold open, the kids jump through Mr. Dime during his derogatory introduction. The lockers jokes now take place in multi-colored lockers, with "YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON T.V." written in yellow paint. We visit Jim behind the board at CFGO radio, with a visit from Les as the Devil. Elizabeth spends the whole program trying to get flashy attire like they have on the show Kidstuff. Tim mistakenly calls Sarah's mother during a link. Kevin interviews the Executive Director of the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club, and the cast presents some of their activities. Tim and Elizabeth join "Les" in looking at the Censor's script.

There is another reminder of the photography contest. The bread in the dungeon celebrates its first birthday. Elizabeth rejects wearing Kevin Somers' pink dress. There is an outdoor performance by traveling singing group Beaver Pie, featuring Mike and Tim. Elizabeth talks to Moira Wright about a snow goose art competition. Les parks in a tow-away zone. Elizabeth is outfitted backstage in hockey attire. "Coach" Les and the kids participate in a swim race to raise money for the Children's Hospital. There is another phone-in contest, where the prize is a dinner and disco date with Sarah and Jim - by correctly guessing the color of their eyes. The gang questions whether they're really live or just watching a repeat.

Tim calls Jim at the radio station with a problem - he wants to call Sarah and ask her to the dance but can't muster up the courage. Jim says he'll help and call Sarah, asking her to the dance with him instead. In the end, we see Sarah and Jim exit a car and walk into a building, before seeing Mike and Tim exit a car, Tim wearing a dress.

Production: "You Can't Do That on Television was repeated live from Ottawa, live from Ottawa, live from Ottawa."


  • Contest prizes include: Scout kit, museum pack, books, sculptures, and five albums
  • Les is shoved into the pool by the kids at the swim race after he gives a quick pep talk, while Elizabeth receives her pie in the face at the swim race, "for showing the most courage...and the least ability"

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Original Air Date: March 03, 1979

US Air Date: unaired

Starring: Tim Douglas, Jim Johnson, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mike Patton, Kevin Schenk, Sarah West, Bradfield Wiltse

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Pie: Elizabeth Mitchell


  • KC and the Sunshine Band - "Do You Feel All Right"
  • Donna Summer - "Once Upon a Time"