Episode No: 23

Title: Smoking


Ross interrupts Moose's intro because he is coughing uncontrollably. He blames it on his cigarette. Upon this, Moose asks why he smokes, and Ross says it's because he enjoys the "fresh taste."

Jami tells Christine that his ancestors introduced tobacco to the white men so they would die of lung cancer. Later, Jami tells Christine about his new job at the barber shop, which he just lost. He doesn't care, though -- he managed to cut off six scalps before being caught, and then goes after Moose for a seventh.

Kevin and Jami fight over a peace pipe.

And, Les steps out of character to give an anti-smoking message.


  • This episode was likely aimed at those who opposed Geoff Darby and Roger Price when they tried to ban smoking in the studio.

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Smoking - You Can't Do That On Television, Vol. 2

Original Air Date: March 21, 1981

US Air Date: February 24, 1982

Starring: Jami Burning, Kevin Kubusheskie, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Lisa Ruddy, Kevin Schenk

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price, the crew

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Water: Jami Burning, Les Lye, Christine McGlade (3)


  • unknown