Episode No: 2

Title: Episode Two


After asking Cindy out, and getting rejected, Tim gets the advice from David to offer to help Cindy with her homework, but, unfortunately, her homework just happens to be dressmaking. Later, when Tim is put in a dress again at the demand of the flamboyant wardrobe mist.. er .. master (Les, of course), it brings out Cindy's "motherly instincts," and she tries to feed Tim warm milk. This episode introduces Marc Baillon as the token "frog" (French Canadian, to those who don't know what that means).

The contest prizes included a Panasonic radio with telescopic antenna which worked off either an AC adapter or batteries (which, the cast assures the audience, is better than last week's), six record albums, and $25 (To determine a contest winner, the program flashed someone's name across the screen, and if that person called in within one minute, the caller won the prizes). Rodney and Tim announce the spaghetti eating contest by stuffing themselves silly with spaghetti.

Production: CJOH Shoestring


  • The program was not produced by Carleton Productions but, rather, CJOH Productions.
  • The disco set looked similar to the link set and was full of metallic paper and disco lights.
  • Christine also explains why You Can't Do That On Television does not use canned laughter... "because we can't afford it." Laugh tracks didn't accompany the show until six months later.
  • The footage of Donna Summer singing Last Dance in this episode is actually from a 1978 movie titled Thank God It's Friday, which was about a night in the life of a Los Angeles disco (the film was more inspired by American Graffiti than Saturday Night Fever, which some might compare it to). In it, Donna played a singer who was desperately trying to get the DJ to play her demo record. For the show, the footage was edited to remove unrelated shots (mostly reaction shots of the DJ) from the scene, creating holes in some sections. The holes were fixed by editors, who reused shots, and put them in to fix holes throughout. Still, much of the cast of the film can be seen in the version played on this episode (In the movie, the scene was about Donna Summer coming onstage, against the DJ's wishes, and taking over the show to do a song).
  • The "Mathman" sketch was later reused in the Whatever Turns You On pilot, as did many of the sketches in this episode, only slightly changed, and re-shot.
  • This was the first episode to use opposite skits. There was one opposite skit towards the end of this episode, which, as David explains, was sent in by a viewer in Kingsmere, Quebec.
  • This is the first episode with Elizabeth Mitchell. She initially had a rather large part in this episode, but in the middle of taping the inserts, she developed laryngitis, and they gave all her lines to Christine. This explains why she is only in the Locker Jokes (which are still dark green, in this episode), and why Christine has a scene where she recites a poem that Elizabeth recites in the pilot (that seemed to be written for her).
  • This episode contains the first footage that Les Lye shot for the series - the scenes of the Bus Inspector - which were shot in January 1979 at an actual OC Transpo bus stop.

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Original Air Date: February 10, 1979

US Air Date: unaired

Starring: Marc Baillon, Tim Douglas, David Halpin, Rodney Helal, Jim Johnson, Cyndi Kennedy, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Jim Stechyson

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Pie: Tim Douglas, Jim Johnson, Les Lye


  • Billy Joel - "Say Goodbye To Hollywood"
  • Donna Summer - "Last Dance"
  • Andy Gibb - "Love Is Thicker Than Water"


  • This episode has two big, live flubs. The first one is during the first contest. Cindy answers the phone, and when the person on the phone gives a wrong answer, rather than telling the person that he's wrong, she hands Marc the phone and says "Marc, it's for you", then blushed.
  • Christine also made a big goof in this one. When announcing the spaghetti contest, she and Jim are supposed to keep saying things like, "Go on, get out of here," to Tim, after he says that he'll quit his job so he can join the spaghetti contest. After they say a few of the lines, Christine gets a really blank look on her face (they even zoom in on her!), and finally, after nearly five seconds of dead air, she emerges, saying, "Why don't you go...catch a bus?". She obviously threw off the cued videotape with the next few sketches because her finishing the intro goes over the first part of the next scene.