Episode No: SP-2

Title: The Worst of You Can't Do That On Television


This is the second version of this special video. After Roger Price and YCDTOTV returned with an almost brand-new kid cast in 1989, the project was finally resumed and an updated version of the video was cut. Major changes included three members of the 1989 cast -- Chris Bickford, Jennifer Brackenbury and Christian Tessier -- introducing the different segments of the video, as well as new 1989 sketches and some other assorted sketches from previous years.

The finished product was commercially distributed in 1989 by Elektra Entertainment, in cooperation with MTV Networks, with a running time of 29:09. The video features sketches from the 1979-1989 years of productions, as well as slime and water scenes, opposites, bloopers and several messages from characters, including Barth.


  • An hour-long version of the special starring Vanessa Lindores, Doug Ptolemy, and Adam Reid was recorded but never commercially distributed in 1987.

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Original Air Date: unknown

US Air Date: unknown

Starring: Chris Bickford, Jennifer Brackenbury, Les Lye, Christian Tessier

Writers: Roger Price

Director: Gerben Heslinga


Green Slime: Christian Tessier
Water: Chris Bickford, Christian Tessier