Episode No: 14

Title: Episode Fourteen


Mr. Dime starts by saying that CJOH is waiting to see if CTV will "share the program" with the rest of Canada. Sarah tells him that his previous request for a court order to fire the cast and Producer has succeeded.

Kevin Somers tricks Ross into getting chained up in the dungeon, and Ross ultimately slimes him in revenge. We see the debut of the camp set (Camp Green Slime), camp counselor, and Les as "Chef" - an early version of Barth. Elizabeth seeks advice from Christine on how to approach her crush, Kevin Schenk. She first suggests that she go skateboarding and Kevin hits her with the board. She then suggests for her to go cycling with him and Liz takes another fall. Kevin Somers is afraid of retaliation from Ross so Christine agrees to help him by asking Ross to back off.

Christine introduces a selection of outtakes from the first season, and Les plays Dracula in the dungeon. After Kevin Schenk sees Liz going out with Kevin Somers, as he was coerced into by Christine, Kevin Schenk also seeks dating advice from Christine. It backfires when Christine pretends to be going out with Kevin Schenk and Liz dumps slime on them both.

The disco dancing competition comes to a close and the winners get televisions on the link set. During the closing credits, shots of the kids accompany their names and most all of Les' characters are shown. The camera pulls back to show the whole corner of the studio during the last part of the scroll. At the very end, the gang introduces Roger Price and asks him if they'll be back next year. He says "I just don't know" and is slimed.

Production: End of the Line


  • Contest prizes include: Telefunken radios, several albums, and a pair of jeans
  • Although a special crime prevention event is rained out, Sarah files a brief remote segment anyway.
  • In this and several other episodes, Bryn Matthews is credited as "Executive Producer and Dragon Slayer"
  • Production Assistant Jani Barry is shown being pied between takes by another crew member, as Christine narrates.

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Original Air Date: May 19, 1979

US Air Date: unaired

Starring: Marc Baillon, Jim Johnson, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kevin Schenk, Kevin Somers, Sarah West

Cameos: Roger Price, Jani Barry, Bryn Matthews

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Green Slime: Marc Baillon (2), Christine McGlade, Kevin Schenk, Kevin Somers, Roger Price
Pie: Jani Barry, Bryn Matthews


  • Cat Stevens - "(Remember the Days of the) Old School Yard"
  • Kenny Loggins - "Whenever I Call You Friend"
  • Tina Charles - "I Love to Love"


  • When dumping the slime on Kevin Somers, Les pours it before Kevin can even finish saying "I don't know." We can hear crew laughter as the camera shows Les up on the ladder, holding the bucket upside down.
  • Marc calls the radio a record during a contest segment - Kevin Somers and Christine tease him during the answer segment.