Episode No: 138

Title: Generosity


With generosity in the air, Chris lets Patrick do the introduction in an effort to get him slimed, the producer gives Jill all of Ted's close-ups, Liz the make-up lady allows Stephanie to look older via old age make-up which makes her appear to be a senior citizen, and Ross allows Christian to be the microphone operator by suspending him on a rope swing when the boom mic breaks.

Production: Cheapskate


  • In the opening sketch, Banana, the dog, is driving Lance and Chris home after Lance got drunk at Senator Wildermeyer's party. Lance is mumbling something as the skit starts and Chris interrupts him. This was probably ad-libbed by Les and can be made out as something like, "Dating will Robinson Crusoe go, with Friday on Saturday night."

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Original Air Date: unknown

US Air Date: unknown

Starring: Stephanie Bauder, Chris Bickford, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye, Patrick Mills, Jill Stanley, Christian Tessier, Ted Wilson

Writers: Roger Price, Adam Reid

Director: Gerben Heslinga


Green Slime: Les Lye (2), Patrick Mills, Ted Wilson
Water: Christian Tessier
Tomatoes: Jill Stanley
Coal: Christian Tessier