Episode No: 134

Title: Celebrations


After getting the consent of each country that carries the show, Ross decides that today every scene from the link set will depict one of the different country's style of celebrating, complete with the particular country's wardrobe and food.

Production: Celebrate Stupidity


  • This was Amy Stanley's first episode. She was the youngest cast member to ever appear, not having even been born when the series started in 1979. Her performance was a little rough in this episode, however, by her next appearance (in Embarrassment) she did the most impressive job of anyone in series history, given her age. She had also changed her hairstyle and adopted an extremely outgoing persona (versus Celebrations). Make no mistake, had YCDTOTV continued into the 1990s, it would have been Amy's show, and she deserved every bit of it.

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Original Air Date: unknown

US Air Date: unknown

Starring: Chris Bickford, Jennifer Brackenbury, Carlos Braithwaite, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye, Patrick Mills, Amy Stanley, Christian Tessier

Writers: Roger Price, Adam Reid

Director: Gerben Heslinga


Green Slime: Chris Bickford
Water: Amy Stanley
Rain: Carlos Braithwaite, Patrick Mills
Cereal: Christian Tessier