Episode No: 105

Title: Part-Time Jobs


A hilarious recurring scene with Adam Reid and Abby Hagyard is one of the highlights in this look at the job market for kids.

Production: Work Til' You Drop


  • Right before the credits roll, Ross gets all of the kids after-school jobs as models. Vanessa and Andrea are very pleased, but Alasdair, Adam and Amyas are not because the job is for modeling dresses. Adam is wearing a black dress with silver dots that had one sleeveless arm (this dress was seen in several episodes (i.e. Popularity, etc)). As the kids model during the credits, Adam looks into the camera and pulls the sleeveless side exposing his nipple (as if he were female doing something risque). Watch the tape because this was ad-libbed by Adam and it makes Vanessa and Alasdair laugh. He does it a second time before the credits are over.

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Original Air Date: unknown

US Air Date: unknown

Starring: Andrea Byrne, Alasdair Gillis, Amyas Godfrey, Abby Hagyard, Vanessa Lindores, Les Lye, Adam Reid

Writers: Roger Price, Josh Morris, Andrea Mitchell

Director: Brenda Mason


Green Slime: Alasdair Gillis
Water: Amyas Godfrey