Episode No: 1

Title: Episode One


Mike jumps through Kevin Somers, as later remade in the WTYO pilot, and provides the show's first introduction. We see the very first slime scene with Tim in the dungeon, including some crew laughter. The kids joke with Christine by giving "Moose" calls. The first phone-in contest features what Christine refers to as a "stolen" Panasonic radio since only the box remains. Lisa hugs Jim and he says, "If this keeps up, I could get arrested." Professor Bill Callen discusses English grammar. The first set of locker jokes occur in solid black lockers. The roving camera asks adults about the show a week before it airs, calling it "that children's show." A baton twirling segment features the Marjorie Bishop School of Dance.

There is a movie review of the animated film, "Watership Down," where Kevin Schenk mentions that their Producer and Director saw the film but thought it was "100 percent pure trash," followed by a brief clip from the film. The gang introduces the infamous spaghetti eating contest. There are more locker jokes including one where Mike asks Tim, "How do you spell totally ignorant?" in a dumb voice. Tim responds, accompanied by an on-screen title, "football scholarship."

During an intro for their talent segment, Tim says, "Ours is exactly like the Gong Show, only it's completely different." At one point, Christine goes on a brief tirade and breaks down, freezing in place, and Ross carries her off-stage to be repaired. In the final link, the gang checks out a machine that can detect guilty secrets.


  • Contest prizes include a Panasonic radio and Panasonic Cassette Recorder along with "The Best of Jim Johnson" (with a joke that it's only five seconds long).
  • This episode does not feature the infamous "Weather" scene with Les and Jono, as originally thought.
  • Notable link set joke from Christine: "After you've had your beans, there'll be trotting races in the afternoon."
  • The movie review features a couple of awkward moments. Christine asks Kevin what he thought about the movie, and he refers to a man that was sitting in front of him in the theater making obscene gestures, which prevented him from seeing the film.
  • The only known copy of this episode cuts off abruptly during the final link, presumably less than a minute from the program's actual end.
  • This episode was broadcast again on March 24, 1979 because the Whatever Turns You On pilot was being taped that morning and they couldn't have done both shows at the same time. Plus, many viewers had missed the original airing of the premiere.
  • This episode was delayed one week because the link set wasn't ready. This explains why many sources list the air date for this episode as being January 27, because that was the original, planned air date before it was delayed.
  • Originally, the episode was to open with a shot of the CJOH logo, with Les saying "You Can't Do that on Television", followed by the sound of him belching. At the very last second, this insert was decided not to be used.

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Original Air Date: February 03, 1979

US Air Date: unaired

Starring: Tim Douglas, Jim Johnson, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Mike Patton, Lisa Ruddy, Kevin Schenk, Kevin Somers

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Green Slime: Tim Douglas
Pie: Tim Douglas


  • Peter Frampton - "I'm In You"
  • The Village People - "Macho Man"
  • Cat Stevens - "(Remember the Days of the) Old School Yard"
  • Bee Gees - "How Deep is Your Love"