Doug Ptolemy was surfing the web one day in 1996 and stumbled across, and for some strange reason, he wrote to us. BIG MISTAKE! Take a look:

How did you get the job on You Can't Do That On Television?
Now there's a long story. My grade 4 teacher at my public school (Carole Hay) just happened to be the drama coach for the cast. She suggested that some of my classmates (Vanessa being one of them) and I join a drama class, which the Producer Roger Price picked from.

Speaking of Vanessa, did you and Vanessa every actually date?
GET REAL! Me and Vanessa 'HATED' one another. I think it was the Producers dream to see us together as a couple. All I can say about that is, 'I DON'T THINK SO!

Who were your best friends on the set?
I would definately have to say Alasdair Gillis. We knew each other from Day 1. I also got along well with Kevin Kubacheskie and Brodie Osome. I hated to see them leave. I also liked Adam Reid, and Justin Cammy.

Which is your favorite episode?
Well I hate to sound stereotypical, but I loved all the shows, and enjoyed doing each of them immensely. Although I think I had the most fun in the later shows.

Which were your favorite sketches to do?
It would have to be Barth's skits because I liked to EAT (still do) or the Movie Theater.

Did you like being slimed?
Definately! What could be better than having green gooky stuff poured all over your head! Tastes good too!

Didn't you pass out on the set once when you were sick?
Not quite. Although I did become Ill with some type of virus once while doing a "READ THRU"... The Producer rushed me to the Hospital in one of the station's limousines (Which, I might add, I took the liberty of VOMITTING in!!!) I cant remember if I actually passed out or not though.

What was your favorite out take or blooper?
Now theres a hard question. There were so many "GOOD" bloopers I really could not pick out just one. Every cast party we would watch a tape of the seasons bloopers. THEY WERE GREAT!

Why do you suppose the show had such a small Canadian following being that it was produced in Canada?
Well the show was kinda made with the American audience in mind. That might have had something to do with it. Although there was a time where it played on YTV (A Canadian Childrens' channel) once a day.

Did you have a choice as to whether or not you were going to appear in the 1989 season, or did you reach "the age?"
I would have to say I reached "THE AGE!" There was a whole new cast of ankle biters coming on the show, and it was time for us old timers to move on. It was time to move on. Though I wish I could have stayed a kid forever. YCDTOTV was a large part of my childhood, and I will cherish the memories forever.

What did you do immediately after leaving YCDTOTV?
Can I plead the 5th?

What are you doing now?
Currently I am a Property Manager, working for my family. I had a bit (okay it was a little more serious than that!) of a drug problem which I finally went to a treatment center for. I recently celebrated a year of sobriety. Now I feel like I am 16 again! I study Martial arts quite vigorously, and hope to get into Kick Boxing. I also do alot of weightlifting, and love to play pool.

What are your future plans?
In the year 2000 I want to travel North America on a Harley Davidson. After that We will have to see. I am taking it 'One Day At A Time!'

Have you quit acting for good?
As the old saying goes, 'Never say Never!' Who knows? When I go on that bike tour across the States, I do plan on stopping in Hollywood, and you never know. Maybe I'll never leave!

How tall are you now?
Don't you mean, "HOW SHORT?" Actually, I'm 6'7"... Just kidding! I'm 5'4".

How in the world did you find our website?
I've been addicted to the net, ever since I became connected. I often go to a chat room, where a gal I met pointed out that your website existed. I just had to check it out!

Do *you* have plans to record an album in the near future?
Maybe I'll do a duo with Alanis... (I DON'T THINK SO!) Singing isn't one of my strong points!

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