Cast member Brodie Osome (1981-1983) had plenty to say about his experience on YCDTOTV.

How did you get the job on You Can't Do That On Television?
I became involved with YCDTOTV in grade seven at D. Aubrey Moodie Intermediate School, where my homeroom teacher, as well as drama teacher was a lady by the name of Carole Hay. I am sure you all know by now that Carole was EXTREMELY instrumental in developing talent for YCDTOTV with many of us spotted by her and ALL of us trained by her. She invited me to a group audition for the show after watching my antics in class - it was good enough for Roger Price and Geoffrey Darby - and of course the green slime didn't mind either.

What is your first memory of YCDTOTV? Your best? Your worst? Your funniest?
First memory would have to be my watching it on TV before I even got involved and thinking just what a CRAZY bunch of kooked-up kids those guys were. My best memory was becoming one of the crazy, kooked-up kids. My worst memory was the time my father made me quit the show, only to be reconvinced and rescued by Roger Price. My funniest memory had to ANY live show we did in the early days.

Let's try some name association. What comes to mind when I mention: Les Lye? Alasdair Gillis? Doug Ptolemy? Vanessa Lindores? Lisa Ruddy? Abby Hagyard? Kevin Kubusheskie?
Christine McGlade - The glue that kept the whole thing together.

Les Lye - Incredible! - Multi-talented - one of the funniest men you'll never meet...My adopted father for about five years...

Alasdair Gillis - My adopted bro for about five years... Great guy to be with whenever there's a party...

Doug Ptolemy - The Kid... Ask him about a certain Canada Day celebration he spent with Kevin Kubusheskie and myself... Definitely a Gold Card Member of the people to be with wherever there's a party...

Vanessa Lindores - The reason why they invented the name "Sweetheart".

Lisa Ruddy - I would REALLY love to see her get mad... Even when she is - she is all full of her million dollar $mile we grew to love so much.

Abby Hagyard - My adopted Mom for about three years - and a very special lady.

Please describe the process for taping a show. How many days? How long were the shoots, etc?
In the beginning, shows were done live. There were some segments that were pre-recorded the preceding week - and we would have to do this mainly after school or on the weekends. After, we started hitting the big time and pre-recording shows as we were now an internationally syndicated program. This meant we would now shoot a number of shows at a time - however we would do it scene by scene. Thus, we could shoot all living room scenes for the next thirteen shows in one day - all Barf scenes in one day, etc. Although we made fun of cue cards, all lines on the program were memorized, so plenty of time together at the studio and our own personal time was devoted to committing your lines to memory. Oh yeah, by the way, we also had to juggle going to school somewhere in there. Guess we all managed - all of us are employed.

What were your favorite sketches to do?
I really did not have a favorite per se. Some were a little bit harder to do, such as Blip's or Barth scenes because Les can really get into those characters and instead of doing the shoot, we used to spend a lot of time cracking up at his antics. I DEFINITELY can say that the slime scenes were the worst strictly because EVERYTHING had to be perfect. If the slime went down well, but there was a microphone shadow in the shot... RETAKE, slime 'n all!!!

Was this true about your relationship with Roger Price? How about Geoffrey Darby?
Roger Price was a creative genius. He was the father to everyone on the show, including Les and Abby. Geoffrey Darby brought the necessary technical flavor in productions and certainly was a super after-hours entertainment coordinator. YCDTOTV had a superb team directed by the Darby/Price duo - wonderful teachers - and CERTAINLY was living proof that TV Producers are a dream to work around.

What is your opinion about the general direction of the show after you left?
Unfortunately, my voice deepened, my basketball height started and I was no longer able to fit in the lockers when I left. I left at a time when the show was riding high and it CERTAINLY is one of the best feelings anyone can have to be the catalysts of something that becomes a resounding success!

When you look at the entire cast of the show's run, what era of the show do you feel was the best in terms of creativity and acting?
As I got the opportunity to work with all the original cast members as well as some of the latter members, I CERTAINLY can say the initial group I worked with was a memory made for heaven. They were the originals - the ones who all others would follow suit from. To sum it up - it was a BLAST - and if I could do it all over again, I would in a Hollywood minute with the group I worked together with!

Who was your favorite cast member (acting-wise and to work with)?
Without a doubt, there had to be something about Kevin. It started off with Kevin Somers, then Kevin Schenk, then Kevin Kubusheskie. All of them were the craziest K's I ever met starting with Somers - he was crazy. Schenk was even more crazy and Kubush was the craziest of all. I LOVED IT! Kubusheskie and I also interacted quite a lot out of YCDTOTV time as we both loved and played basketball and both developed our own crazy kind of humor that no one really seemed to be able to decide which funny farm to commit us to.

What did you think about the slime and water scenes?
I actually LOVED the slime scenes until they started putting soap inside the slime so that it washes off easier. It use to be a VERY tasty concoction of jello, flour and water... Free lunch.

What did become a hassle was when slime scenes had to be redone because of a technical error.

Why do you suppose the show had such a small Canadian following seeing that it was produced in Canada?
Canada is still a very conservative country if you compare it with the USA. I believe at the time, YCDTOTV was exactly that - You Can't Do That on Television -and yet we did - and we got away with it to. Additionally, in all fairness, I also believe there needed to be more support from the governmental level (read CRTC) for what Roger Price and Geoffrey Darby had achieved and were still striving for. There were some of those hiccups that inevitably opened up other markets internationally that turned the show into the masterpiece we remember today.

What have you been doing since your time with YCDTOTV?
I have done so much since leaving the show. I completed high school at Bell High (Schenk, Lisa and Kubusheskie also served time there). I studied Aviation and Flight Technology at Seneca College in Toronto, then Math and Physics at University of Toronto. I took a three-week vacation in Dec. '94 to meet up with the Kenya National Team in Nairobi, Kenya of which I am a member as we were about to compete in Cairo. That three week vacation turned into five years. I have worked in a number of areas in Kenya and now Tanzania in Senior Executive P.R. and Marketing Management roles in the ISP, Shipping and OF COURSE - the media sector. I currently host and produce the first locally produced English Talk Show in Tanzania called Talk of the Town as well as the first English morning radio show in Tanzania, The Breakfast Show on 101.4 FM -BBC World Service.

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