On August 4, 2003, The Slime Society had the privilege of interviewing cast member Mike Cameron about his time on YCDTOTV. Cameron was a cast member during the 1984 season. Below is the transcript.

How did you become involved with YCDTOTV?
I was at a theatre group in Ottawa with Abby Hagyard.

Describe what it was like to be involved in such a popular TV show.
It was pretty exciting, but it was hard work.

What is your best memory of YCDTOTV? Your worst? Your most embarassing?
My best memory was reeading the scripts with Les.

My worst memory was talking too loud during a taping.

My most embarassing was replacing the word "Halloween" with the word "Christmas" during a sketch in the Halloween episode.

I'm curious to know how specific actors on the show were in real life,
so let's try some name association. What comes to mind (in relation to the
show) when I mention:

Christine McGlade: Professional

Les Lye: Comfortable

Alasdair Gillis: Snob

Doug Ptolemy: Troublemaker

Lisa Ruddy: Pleasant

Abby Hagyard: Kind

If you could, please describe the process for taping a show. How many days? How long were the shoots, etc?
The process was over a few days, as I recall, and the shoots were usually all day. The slime shoots were the worst ... Too much work!

I often hear about how a lot of TV producers are nightmares to work around. Was this true about your relationship with Roger Price?
Roger was great with the kids, I recall him in the office having a frank talk with me when others would be screaming. I must admit, I could have been a better actor.

What is your opinion about the general direction of the show after you left?
I don't recall too many new episodes to tell you the honest truth. The television situation wasn't as powerful in Canada as it is today (i.e. YTV). The show almost fizzled out a bit I guess.

When you look at the entire cast of the show's run, how do you rate the cast that you had to work with?
The cast I worked with seemed to be the prime one. A return to the glory days, if you will.

Who was your favorite cast member (acting-wise and to work with)?
Lisa was probably my favorite. She seemed the most professional to work with and she also had the time to go over the scene with me.

How did you feel about being slimed in the Halloween episode?
Like I said, It was a lot of work for such a small scene. Certainly look back on it as a highlight!

Why do you suppose the show had such a small Canadian following being that it was produced in Canada?
Again, this is to do with the lack of a marketing machine in Canada at the time. The Americans had specialty channels before we did.

What have you been doing since your time with YCDTOTV?
I currently live in Calgary, Alberta and run two technology companies and do business consulting on systems.

Anything else you'd like to add?
On a side note, I found my name through a number of sites. A link followed me to another site that said I was James Cameron's (Titanic) brother and that I had been in movies such as Top Gun. I wish I was more of an actor to this date!

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