Name: Kevin Schenk
Tenure: 1979 - 1981
Total Eps: 18
Total Slimings: 2
Total Waterings: 1
Total Pies: 8

Kevin was constantly in trouble with producers for doodling on scripts and not paying attention during script rehearsals.

After YCDTOTV, Kevin graduated Carleton University with an honors degree in Mass Communications. He then went on to graduate from an advertising and design school. After that, he then worked at local design firms, as well as the National Arts Centre.

Since 1988, Kevin has headed an Ottawa-based graphic design, marketing and Web site development firm.

Where Are They Now?: Kevin Schenk
As Seen On: Whatever Turns You On

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20. Safety First
22. Personal Hygiene
23. Smoking
24. Crime and Vandalism
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27. Peer Pressure