Name: Marc Baillon
Tenure: 1979
Total Eps: 4
Total Slimings: 2

In 1979, Marc Baillon got into acting because, well ... he was French.

"I was a member of a Scout troop that attended a jamboree in Scotland the summer before the show began. Two members of that troop (Mike Patton & Tim Douglas) had been recruited for show because of their involvement in a musical troop. When cast members were asked if they knew any French kids, they called me. I showed up for one drama class and that was that."

Marc went on to take part in the 1979 season of YCDTOTV and most episode of Whatever Turns You On. Marc finally was forced to quit by his parents due to the toll the job was taking on his schooling.

Interview: Marc Baillon
Where Are They Now?: Marc Baillon
As Seen On: Whatever Turns You On

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