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Pre-Empt: You Can't Do That On Television


While Kenny is getting aquanted with her duties as host, Buzz orders the kids to take acting lessons with his old friend Frederico Pazarotti. Sigmund later thinks he's psychic when he begins to have visions about happenings around the studio that eventually come true. Finally, while Kenny and Sam are sifting through fan mail left over from the original series, they stumble across an overdue electricity bill.

Production: Milestone


  • The opening sequence was the first segment produced and contains earlier drafts of the characters.
  • YSC was drawn in the style of anime because it requires little character movement and cut production time in half.
  • If you look carefully, you can see food items at Flem's morphing from meatloaf to hamburgers in the same scene because it often took several days to do each scene and Ric would forget what was on the table.
  • The opening title music was remixed by's long-time friend, Josh Yawn.
  • Christina Vee, Peter Miller, Josh Yawn, and Ken Dukes all worked with Ric de Barros in prior animated projects.








Starring: Christina Vee, Sean Farm, Jared Lee, Amber Aviles, Patte Rosebank, Peter Miller, and Ken Dukes

Writer(s): Ric de Barros, Matt Carnahan, Bob Morris

Director(s): Ric de Barros


Green Slime: Kenny (2), Ashley, Sigmund
Water: Kenny, Sam