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Episode No: 015

Title: Kevin Somers, Rock Star


When Mr. Dime looks for a rock star he can manipulate to make money, dumb and unsuspecting Kevin Somers gets the job, believing it is his ticket to fame, fortune and a solid gold Trans Am.

As a promotional idea, Kevin convinces Christine to let him perform on the show, even though he won't be paid for it. Even then, whenever he's ready to play, something comes up -- whether it's an autograph, a coffee break or the end credits -- that keeps him from performing.

Meanwhile, Lisa, hoping to get Rodney to come to her birthday party, tells Rodney that CFL star Tony Gabriel (his favorite sports star) is coming. When it turns out he is, it's too late because Rodney already said no. The only way he could get to go, however, is if he kisses Lisa. When he does, he discovers that he actually likes it.


  • Kevin Somers'"Rock Star Outfit" is the same one he wore in the Whatever Turns You On pilot, when he was trying to get on the show.


Air date: Unknown

Starring: Ruth Buzzi, Rodney Helal, Les Lye, Jono Gebert, Christine McGlade, Lisa Ruddy, Kevin Somers

Special Guest: Tony Gabriel (CFL Football Star)

Writer(s): Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director(s): Geoffrey Darby


Pies: Jono
Paint: Jono