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Episode No: 012

Title: Concert/Libraries


The kids are planning to go to a rock concert, but how do they intend to get there? Kevin agrees to go with Lisa and her father, but finds out too late that she intends to go to a classical concert. Jono manages to secure a date with a beautiful woman at the last minute, and Marc is fortunate for once-Christine agrees to go with him after hearing that Ross had sold him a car. However, the car turns out to be a piece of junk, but itís too late for her to back outÖ



Air date: Unknown

Starring: Les Lye, Ruth Buzzi, Christine McGlade, Kevin Somers, Jono Gebert, Marc Baillon, Lisa Ruddy

Writer(s): Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director(s): Geoffrey Darby


Pie: Jono


Max Webster