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Episode No: 009

Title: Lottery


Ross tricks Kevin Somers into buying two tickets for the network lottery -- the second of which was borrowed by Seth Pool to insulate the engineering room. Later, when Ross realizes that the second ticket was a winner, he tries to scam Kevin into giving it back, but Jono makes Kevin keep his mouth shut about where the ticket is. When they go and try to get the ticket from Seth, he tells them he needs something about the size of a twenty dollar bill to insulate the studio to keep the show from going off the air.

Meanwhile, Rodney asks for money to buy some hockey equipment and his mother eventually gives him the twenty dollars he needs ... until Kevin and Jono get ahold of it, and, before you can say "land sharks", they have their winning ticket back. Unfortunately, the ticket was only good for the second prize, which was "A Dinner with TV star, Kevin Somers".

Air date: Unknown

Starring: Ruth Buzzi, Rodney Helal, Les Lye, Jono Gebert, Christine McGlade, Kevin Somers, Kevin Schenk

Writer(s): Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director(s): Geoffrey Darby


Coffee: Les


Alma Faye Brooks, who sings a live performance of Don't Fall In Love