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Episode No: 001

Title: Pilot


Christine attempts to do a take of her introduction when Kevin Somers and Jono burst through the picture. When TV Producer R. Sole is auditioning kids to be on his new show, a desperate mother (played by Ruth Buzzi) tries to get her reluctant son, Kevin (who, of course, starred in a commercial for "Glitto soap pads") to audition for R. Sole, but when they are rejected, she finds other means of finding a way for him to get on, including bribing Ross and forcing Kevin onto the stage to play music with Trooper. Eventually, she gets what she's allways wanted when she gets on the show herself, forgetting all about Kevin.

Meanwhile, Ross tells Kevin Somers and Jono that they only need one 14-year-old boy on the show. This pits the two boys against each other, leading Kevin to make Jono wear a white "John Travolta" outfit ... but you can't wear white on TV, can you?

Continuing a long-running joke that began in the 1979 season of YCDTOTV, Marc tries to think of ways to date Christine. Kevin Somers shows Marc the "Moose Horn", which he blows into, which causes Christine to run immediately over to Kevin ("How did you know my favorite song?!"), and they go off together. Unfortunately, with Christine out of the picture, all Marc gets when he blows the horn is the large, stuffed variety of moose you find in a hunter's den. Christine continues to try to get a complete take of her intro, but she keeps getting interrupted. Ross blames it on her, concluding that kids can't make a TV show (as he said in the opening scene).


  • This is the only episode that uses a live, studio audience for the entire program. The link set sketches of this episode were taped in front of a live audience on March 24, 1979, and the musical performances were taped two days earlier, on Thursday, March 22. You see an audience in the Whatever Turns You On series because they had all the musical guests perform for that one audience.
  • Scenes from this episode were used in Nickelodeon Presents The Worst of You Can't Do That On Television despite it not officially being YCDTOTV.

Air date: May 12 , 1979

Starring: Ruth Buzzi, Les Lye, Marc Baillon, Jono Gebert, Christine McGlade, Kevin Schenk, Kevin Somers, Rodney Helal, Elizabeth Mitchell

Writer(s): Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price

Director(s): Geoffrey Darby


WATER: Jono (4), Les (3), Kevin Somers

Pies: Jono (4), Les (3), Kevin Somers



Trooper, with live performances of We're Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time), Round, Round We Go and Raise A Little Hell