Alanis in 2005

Even when Alanis was 12 years old, people around her knew she was destined for singing fame.

"She used to sing at a few of our little 'good-bye' parties which were fairly regular, because as soon as a boy's voice changed or a girl developed, they'd be gone. We'd have little parties to say good-bye to them, and Alanis would bring along her tape machine and sing. She was very good," said Les Lye about his former colleague.

Since leaving YCDTOTV, Alanis has released multiple records, and played the role of God in Kevin Smith's 1999 movie, Dogma. She once held the record for the most albums sold by a female recording artist in the United States on its opening week with "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie."

Who would have thought that the girl that Adam and Alasdair fought over in 1986 would become an international singing star?

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