Brad in 2002

In 1978, Brad Hampson went from Lester B. Pearson Catholic Junior High to CJOH for YCDTOTV.

Brad was one of the first cast members selected for the inaugural 1979 season of YCDTOTV at the age of 16. Age, however, would be the deciding factor in his departure from the show.

After leaving the show, Brad went on to graduate from high school and, eventually, Carleton University in 1985 with a BA in law and criminology. After graduating, he joined the Ontario Provincial Police spent 14 years in eastern Ontario detachments. In 1999, he accepted an offer from the Ottawa Police and is currently working as a Sergeant in downtown Ottawa.

From Brad's interview in 2003:

"I had been doing a lot of classical singing over the last 30 years and have had some great opportunities as a result, singing with the National Ballet of Canada and with the National Arts Center Orchestra. Having sung Canada's national anthem for many events such as CFL games, including singing for Princess Diana in 1983 on her visit to Ottawa, I was invited by the NYPD in 2002 to sing the Canadian anthem on behalf of all Canadian police officers at the 1 year anniversary memorial service for the 9/11 tragedy, right at ground zero. A month later, I was again privileged to sing at the NY Rangers home opener at Madison Square Garden when they played the Montreal Canadiens. Talk about being lucky!

In my spare time, I've taken up playing the bagpipes and now play with the Ottawa Police Pipes and Drums, who will travel to NYC once again this September to play at Carnegie Hall for the 2nd annual 9/11 memorial.

I have a beautiful wife who is a school teacher and the love of my life. She just recently gave me a newborn son to go along with my gorgeous 3 year old daughter."

Brad was also one of the cast members in attendance at SlimeCon 2002.

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