Bradfield in 2004

"If I dared to slip between the flares, touching unimpaired,
surely there'd be answers..."

Bradfield leaves no stone unturned in his quest for unequivocal _expression. Seemingly each and every fleeting thought finds its way into his poetic musical landscapes, places where everything is in reach and all seems possible. His intentions are crystal clear, constantly striving to create "timecapsules of catharsis for the human spirit," but there is much in him that exudes contradiction. He is a classically trained pianist who despises conformity, a relentless deviant who espouses uniformity. His approach is one of thoroughness, precision and sometimes brutal candor. His execution: a spontaneous yet methodical course that can veer in any direction to best achieve this end.

From the age of 4, he studied piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto), during which time he competed and placed often in the Ottawa Music Festival. Stories recall how even then, he would be reprimanded for playing his own parts instead of the written score. At 14, he would finally shake the grip of formal training and stop playing completely for almost a year, before slowly coming back to the piano on his terms. His first original compositions and prose would soon follow. In the ensuing years, he would teach himself both arrangement and production, adding yet more dimension to his creative arsenal, and rounding out his capacity for his much sought after "complete, unencumbered expression."

Harmony in the Chaos (released February '95) gave us the first glimpse into Bradfield's vision. A poetic odyssey of reminiscences, aspirations, self-examination and subtle observation, the music covers the range from funky piano based pop/rock through progressive ballads and orchestral mood segments. Creatively realized by Bradfield singlehandedly in his home studio, every aspect of the presentation bears the stamp of an artist who has proceeded unhindered and without compromise. RPM Weekly had this to say: "Bradfield has a unique hold on visionary properties when it comes to musical _expression...he displays that rare talent, both musically and lyrically, of being a non-conformist, and meaning it."

'96 saw him co-write, arrange and produce Canadian female vocalist Anael's debut Light of Refinement. The album has already spent 5 months in the US Top 35, and received glowing praise from the top New Age/World trades and magazines. Omega called it "the best New Age vocal album of 1997, a remarkable debut release that leaves us more than a little awed by the powerful content of each beautiful composition." NAPRA ReView: "An ethereal, angelic production of spirit-expanding, lush orchestration."

His latest projects include the second Anael recording, Unconditional, and a special stripped down, intimate piano recording entitled VIRTUE. A conceptual album designed to musically paraphrase the various emotions inherent in different human virtues, it reveals a different side of the artist, and is perhaps his most personal recording to date.

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