On July 13, 2003, Will Dyess had the privilege of interviewing 1981 cast member Mike Lyon about his time on YCDTOTV. Below is the transcript.

How did you get your job on the show?
I got the job on the show because I looked like Kevin Schenk, believe it or not. They (CJOH) were making a made for TV movie about a kid who steals a car, and then the cops arrest the wrong kid because they look the same. Roger Price was going to have Kevin as the main character and they needed someone who looked a lot like him to be in the movie. Roger saw me and thought I looked a lot like Kevin, and asked me if I wanted to be in a movie. I laughed and told him to buzz off, then he gave me his card and I had my parents check it out. After that, I met Kevin, and the make-up lady, Liz. She said no problem making kevin and I look the same. The movie rights were sold to CBC so we never did it. Roger then said do you want to be on TV anyway, and I said sure, and next thing you know, I was on YCDTOTV. Funny thing is a friend of mine from high school made the movie with CBC and it was a real stinker.

How old were you when the show began?
I was 15.

Do you recall any particular scene\scenes of which the making of was notable, or something, anything that happened behind the scenes, etc.?
Drugs episode. I poured slime on myself. It was ice-freezing cold. I was supposed to act like I was all high on drugs, and the slime was so cold, it made me shiver and the scene worked really well -- thanks to the slime, not me.

You were on the local, live version of the show. Do you recall any live mistakes, bloopers, etc. that you were a part of?
Only one live blooper, really, but very small, and hardly worth mention.

Let's try some name association. What comes to mind when you think of the following people:
Les Lye: Great guy always treated the kids with respect, unlike many of the other "TV" stars at the studio

Christine McGlade: She was always funny, perhaps funnier behind the camera than in front of it

Kevin Schenk: Talented artist, and very talented all-around guy

Angie Coddett: Always smiling ear-to-ear

Rodney Helal: Rodney is a real charmer, and he seemed to always get what he wanted

Darryl Lucas: Just your average guy. Hard-working and a loyal kind of guy

What was it like to work with Geoff Darby and Roger Price?
Geoff was a real slave driver, always trying to meet deadlines and rushing around like a mad man. He thought Roger was always moving too slow, but he got the best out of everyone, and, looking back, I would say he probably was good at his job. Roger price was/is a real character. He had a huge impact on my life in a very short time span. He spoiled me rotten, tried to make me wear a dress and paid us lots of money for doing silly things that we all would have liked to do for free anyway. He is a good family man, and a big kid himself at heart.

How did your parents feel about you being on the show?
They were all for it. They checked out Roger and CJOH very carefully before they let me go on, but they were happy for me.

You only appeared in two episodes-was this based on your decision, or management?
I was just having so much fun. I hung around the studio every day after school, even if I was not in the episode. I guess it was management who decided who was in what shows and so forth. I know Mr. Darby didnt like me too much, well at least I didnt think he did back then. Who knows for sure, really?

Do you still keep in touch with some of the cast\crew you worked with?
Just one person, really. I became best friends with Randy Akiwenzie. He lives far away from Ottawa now so we dont really speak much.

What have you been doing with your time since YCDTOTV?
M mm...well, high school, then university. Then, I did many odd jobs, most of them working with kids and youth. Now, I manage a recreation centre that runs programs for kids and youth, trying to keep them off of the streets. I also work at the largest reptile zoo in Canada in my spare time, handling giant snakes, lizards and alligators and doing educational presentations on these animals for the public!

Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

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