On September 6, 2005, The Slime Society had the privilege of interviewing cast member Sarah West about her time on YCDTOTV. Sarah was an original cast member of YCDTOTV, taking part in the live CJOH broadcasts of 1979. Below is the transcript.

How did you get involved with YCDTOTV in 1979?
I was attending Ridgemont High School. My dramatic arts teacher told us about auditions that were being held to be in a new kids show at CJOH. I had been involved in a "think tank" earlier in the year about what kind of shows would appeal to kids. When I went to the audition, I realized it was the same people involved. I did a screen test. They asked me to do a southern accent because I had spent a couple of years in Virginia. I attempted and then started giggling and giggled my way out of the shot.

Since you were a part of the premiere season with more of a "live" feel, please tell us about the atmosphere in the studio and during tapings. I would imagine it was tough doing a live show with taped segments.
Most of the segments were taped. Most of the live parts were more like segues from one skit to the next. It was fun being in the studio. We would rehearse one week, tape the next and the show would air on Saturday morning. We would go to the studio every day after school and on Saturdays. We had great wardrobe. All our outfits were from a very cool store downtown called Flash Cadillac. You know, satin pants with flashing lights on the back pocket, etc.

Do you remember how many episodes you were a part of during 1979? In our records, we only have you confirmed in two episodes.
I think I was in three. But one of them I don't believe I was in much. I was the eldest girl on the show and I think the show appealed more to pre-teens. The most successful kids on the show were about 12. I was 17.

Why didn't you go on with the show after 1979?
I discussed it with Roger Price and we decided I was too mature for the show. Hey, if I had known where the show was going I would definitely have tried to stay on in whatever capacity I could!

Time for some name association...
Les Lye
-- He was the adult that held the show together. Probably one of the funniest people I've ever met. He was very easy to work with!

Ruth Buzzi -- I met her when she came to do the network show. My favorite scene with her was in the movie theatre when Jonathan took one of her sweets and it turned out she was sucking on them and then spitting them back in the bag.

Christine McGlade -- Moose was wonderful on camera and a great girl! I remember her buying a Fiat Spider before she was even 16.

Roger Price -- Roger is probably the hardest person to explain. He was very childlike. He would goof around on the set, but you sure didn't want to get him mad! He definitely knew what he was doing, didn't he?

Geoffrey Darby -- I had a big crush on our director Geoffrey Darby!!! We would go out to the teen disco to find people to appear on the show. I remember dancing with Geoffrey. I heard that he went to Nickelodeon.

What was it like to work with such a TV veteran like Ruth Buzzi?
I didn't work with her, but I did meet her when she was in town and I think she might have been at one or two of our workshops. She was very kind to all the kids and gave us advice on what to do with all our down time when taping.

You got slimed during the early years of the green stuff. Tell us about the consistency and the experience.
You know we invented it! Originally it was green jello, flour and water and would dry like paste on your skin. Green slime has come a long way since then!

On one show in 1979, the plot surrounded the cast trying to get you a date. How true to life was that plot?
I was the prize for a contest, actually. I went on a double date with a local DJ who was featured on our show. I got dressed up in a chiffon dress and we went to the Hayloft for dinner and then roller skating. I'll never forget skidding along the floor on my behind with chiffon flying everywhere! I don't think my date was impressed.

Any funny stories you have from the 1979 season? Any "live" goofs that you remember?
In 1979, I learned that 13-year-old boys were very dangerous! I had to be quick on my feet when Kevin and Jonathan were around.

It was a great year. I got to participate in lots of activities in the studio and in the community.

I don't really remember any goof-ups on the set. I do remember hanging out alot at the studio.

The 1979 season featured some live musical guests. Did you get to interact with any of them? What was it like having rock stars on your show?
"Here they come, the boys in the bright white sports car" ... that was my favorite song. I didn't meet the band, but I did see their performance.

We had the privilege of going to a concert as well ... The Village People!!! Don't know whether that's something I should be telling people, but Moose and I were there in our flourescent overalls!

Did you continue watching YCDTOTV after you left? Did you like the fact that the show moved away from the local, live version to the 30-minute, syndicated taped show?
I didn't watch much after I left the show. I think I was trying to be grown up. But when Nickelodeon started and I had children of my own, I really noticed how much of an impact our little show had on children's television today!

Were you shocked to see how popular the show was around the world?
Not really. When people asked me about it, I would tell them it was kind of like Laugh-In for kids. Especially with all the skits and the locker joke scenes. And of course kids love bathroom humor and we had a lot of that!

What are you up to now? Did you want to continue acting, or did you pursue other things?
The summer after the first year I helped our television acting coach at a summer camp. After that, I never pursued anything as far as acting. But I am certainly not afraid to get up in front of a crowd or do something a little whacky every once in a while.

I live in Jacksonville, Florida, now. I'm a registered nurse and I have two children. My daugher is 17, and my son is 13. I'm a single mom, so it's a good thing I still have my sense of humour!!!

The Slime Society wants to thank Sarah for shedding more light on what it was like to be a part of the original 1979 cast of YCDTOTV. Good luck in Florida, Sarah!

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